A CAD HPGL viewer (C-source Code)
Made by: Robert C. Becker copyright 1992

SHOWHPGL    A viewing program for HP-GL and HP-GL/2 plotting programs.

Version 1.9


This program is designed to preview HP-GL and HP-GL/2 plotting programs
on the console screen of an IBM PC or compatible computer.  It
impliments 47 of 97 HP-GL or HP-GL/2 instruction.  Of the 97
instruction, 22 either have no meaning for this type of program or
are otherwise unrelated to drawing.  Four instructions are included to
provide backward compatibility with the HP9872 plotter.  These instructions
are interpreted as NOP's.

It is written in Microsoft C, version 6.0.  It requires MS-DOS
version 3.0 or above to run.  This program is meant to be used as a
preview tools for HP-GL files.  It is as accurate as it could be made
with the limited information and resources available at the time it
was written.

HPGL viewer c-source

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