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Padder which inserts blank spaces between the elements of a line of G-Code.
N24G01X12.357Y-8.278Z-4.50F300. becomes: N24 G01 X12.357 Y-8.278 Z-4.50 F300.
I once received unpadded code which I found very difficult to read so I wrote this trivial utility to make my life easier. I have bundled it in here.

Wrapper which wraps a normal planar toolpath around a cylinder so that XYZ becomes XAZ. You specify the relationship between y movement and A axis rotation. The machine must be capable of simultaneous movement in the A axis and the X & Z axes.

Scan2CNC which allows you to scan a line drawing and convert that to G-Code so that the drawing can be cut by a CNC machining centre. (Even photographs can be approximated; but that is stretching it.) There are plenty of utilities that will convert a plot file to G-Code but this one is novel in that it converts a scanned image of a drawing into G-Code without the need to vectorise or trace anything. The whole process is done by hardware & software. The steps required are:
Scan the drawing
Load the scan into a graphics program such as Corel
Print the drawing specifying the Epson LX80 dot matrix printer. Print to File (so you do not need to have that old fashioned printer, just the driver which comes with Windows).
Process the print file through Scan2CNC which will translate the printer file into G-Code. The toolpath will replicate the printer file so it will be raster cuts in the x direction with y axis step overs between cuts. You can scale & manipulate the image in Corel if you wish & the print file can be scaled as it is translated into G-Code. There are 2 cutting qualities offered and you can set the minimum width of the black & white space.

These utilities are freeware and the Clarion 2.1 source code is included. Help is built into the program, sample scan files & a text file explaining how to use the program are included.

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